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The Betts Firm is a tax advisory, accounting and consultancy firm established with the principal objective of providing high-end advisory services for our clients

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At The Betts Firm, we provide the highest level of professional advice relating to the services we offer, ensuring that our customers are in compliant with their tax, accounting and other regulatory obligations, which enables them to save money, operate effectively and leverage business opportunities.

Tax Advisory Services

Our core objective is ensuring that our clients are compliant with all their tax obligations in accordance with the tax laws, by providing our professional advice on all issues relating to the Sierra Leone tax system, including international tax matters. In supporting our clients in their tax affairs, we advise on the tax treatments of diverse issues relating to various taxes. We support our clients in filing their returns and making tax payments on time, during a tax audit, through an objections and appeals process, and by liaising regularly with the tax authorities, saving them time and money.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Keeping and maintaining proper financial records is key to the success of a business. By serving a diverse range of clients, our accounting and bookkeeping solutions ensure that our clients are up to date with all the financial reporting requirements that enable them to be accountable to their shareholders and directors. Our services include preparing financial statements, business process re-engineering, and accounting software support.

Business & Investment Advisory

At The Betts Firm, we provide Business and Investment Advisory Services to start-ups as well as established companies and organisations of all sizes in various sectors. In guiding businesses through their business and investment decisions, we provide better insights into our clients’ operations to enhance decision- making. Our advisory services include support in preparing business strategy, operational plans and business proposals, business valuation, and tailoring support to the requirements of our clients.

Regulatory Advisory Services

Navigating the intricate and bureaucratic public sector in Sierra Leone can be challenging for some businesses. With our public sector experience, we understand the regulatory framework that impacts the private sector. Therefore, we guide businesses by acting as a conduit between our clients and Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. We also link our clients with top We also link our clients with top legal firms in the country for legal assistance, and with other experts tapping into our extensive professional network.

Our testimonials

“Over the years, The Betts Firm has provided us with professional accountancy services. As a multinational operating in Sierra's Leone energy sector, ensuring our accounts are accurate and up to date is vital to our business and investors. As The Betts Firm has helped us to navigate this critical operation of our business, we are grateful for their commitment and professionalism.”

Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson

Financial Controller, Winch Energy

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